Bethune Drumline

Bethune Drumline

Bethune Elementary school’s drum line is 2 years old.  It is part of an after school program provided by CAPE, (Chicago Arts Partners in Education).  Ronnie Malley and I taught the first year, and this year we brought in Larry Beers, a legend among Chicago drummers and and excellent teacher.

Bethune Drumline This Year

This year the drum line performed at the annual AUSL show.  They played 5 cadences including 3 call and response pieces with the majorettes.  We had always talked about a collaboration piece, and finally we did it.  Thanks also to Megan Steinman ,  Bethune teacher and drum line commander in chief.

When teaching rhythmic notation to beginners, Larry Beers and I have system that makes it easier to understand by linking different rhythmic figures to words:

Four 16th notes = “pea-nut-but-ter,”
Two 8th notes = “ta-co”
Dotted 8th and 16th = “Cheeee-ze”
16th, 8th, 16th =  “Gi’ me  — a___”

(more on this later)


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