Drum Consultation

Drum Consultation couldn’t be easier! Have you ever wondered why you have tuning problems with that old snare drum? Why is the bass drum rings even when dampened down? Now, you can contact Larry Beers for his drum consultation services.

Drum Consultation Chicago

Drum Consultation by Larry Beers

Larry Beers offers Drum Consultation at very affordable prices. With many years playing & teaching the drums, Larry can utilize his skills and expertise to give you the consultation that will be rewarding.  With his knowledge, identifying and planning the right strategy is critical to make your efforts worthwhile.

Larry is a professional drummer. It is not only his job, but his life! Larry has been a professional drummer since the age of 6 and has always pushed higher to reach the next level.

If you’re looking for the drum consultation in the Chicago area, look no further.

Drum Consultation by Larry Beers

Whether you're looking to have your set tuned, fixed or looking for anything else, please contact Larry Beers today.

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