Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons by Larry Beers is unlike no other. Larry Beers is a patient teacher, who loves to teach students of all ages and musical backgrounds. Larry takes the time to carefully develop a drum lesson curriculum, and a unique learning experience for each student in a relaxed environment.

Drum Lessons by Larry Beers

Drum Lessons Larry Beers

Larry has many years playing and teaching experience. He has studied drums and percussion under the guidance of some amazing teachers. Larry will develop your confidence, balance, control and focus while concentrating on the essentials elements of drumming.

Counting & Keeping Time
Balance, Posture and Coordination
Listening Skills
“Larry Beers is the best teacher I have had so far in my musical adventures. He not only made me a better player, but he opened my mind musically to not only think as a drummer, but as a musician”

Larry can help you develop a feel for drum set playing and learning songs. He can also help you refine your technique, to develop the freedom to facilitate any style or level of drumming you wish to pursue. Larry will teach you to play the drums and express yourself with a serious curriculum tailor-made to your needs. You will be amazed how much you’ll learn whatever your goals are.

As far as cultural achievements are concerned, as a teacher Larry Beers has influenced dozens of student including at least three that have gone on to become professional drummers themselves. In addition, Larry has been working with grade school children for the last two years developing a drum line in an intercity school. This program offers an after school program that is an alternative to the streets.

Are You Ready To Start Learning?

If you are ready to learn from the best, contact Larry Beers today to get started! He will teach you the best methods and have you playing in no time.

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